Dream league soccer APK 2017 Download

Dream league soccer 2017 APK is a newly arrived updated version of dream league soccer. It is a type of football video game for football lovers. Dream league soccer is available for both Android and apple IOS users. This game was developed and published by first touch game developers from Oxford, England.

Dream league soccer game was released on 25 February 2017 for Apple IOS users and for Android users it was released on 9 April 2017. This game comes with new updates and tricks every year by the first touch.This game is a great alternative for FIFA and PES football games.Dream league soccer doesn’t release a new game every year, unlike pro evolution soccer. They only come with new updates in their game.

Dream league soccer game gives you a great chance of feeling like a manager of the football team as you have to make your own team , choose the captain of your own interest, enter the topmost players of your choice. When you play this game with full concentration and efficiency it makes you feel like you are in a realistic world of the soccer game. Your own dream time with your favorite players is known as dream FC ( Dream Football Club) You are free to include top most players of the real soccer game in your dream team like Diego Costa, Aaron Ramsey and many more.This game also gives you a chance to set up your own football stadium with your choice. You are able to play this game online with other teams. This new update includes various new visuals, realistic features and 60fbs dynamic gameplay which are available on compatible Android devices.

Dream league soccer game has the ability to throw your heart by its performance, achievements, updates, and graphics. In this game, you start as a new player but at the end of the game, you become the professional one who has a great knowledge of soccer. In this game, you will start with the lowest position but when you play with your full efforts then you will surely reach the topmost level of this game soon.

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Free Download Latest Dream League Soccer APK v 4.15

What you will be going to have in this game ???

  • You will be going to have a best-ever football team with famous players
  • There are new and competitive tournaments in this game which you ever had in any other soccer game.
  • You should be ready for the strong rivals.
  • You will be going to have a tough competition.
  • You can create your own tactics.
  • You will be able to make your own team with selected and highly skilled players.
  • You will be allowed to improve your players in your own way.
  • You will be going to have a best-ever gaming experience.
  • Your aim will be to prove that you are a good manager with the best team and your team deserves victory.
  • In dream league soccer APK game there are 6 divisions available which can lead you to the top of the game. These divisions are named as:

* Academy division

* Division 3

* Division 2

* Division 1

* Junior elite division

* Elite division

  • You will be going to start your game with academy division which is the lowest division among these 6 and your goal will be to lead your team towards elite division or topmost division by crossing all remaining 4 divisions, division 3, division 2, division 1 and junior elite division to prove you and your team as best.
  • After reaching elite division you will be able to participate in additional tournaments like international cup and Allstars cup.
  • When you win these two trophies of international cup and Allstars cup you will get a chance to compete in First touch challenge and The ultimate challenge.
  • Dream league soccer’s 2017 version allows you to have real FIFPro players in your dream team.

Compatibility requirements for Dream League Soccer’s 2017 App

  • You must have an android or apple ios device.
  • You must have an android version above than 3.0
  • This game is compatible with almost every latest android device.
  • You must have a sufficient free RAM and ROM on your device to prevent hanging and storage issues with you.

Dream League Download Soccer 2017 For iOS

Dream League download Soccer 2017 APK

Step – 1: You can easily find dreamleague soccer APK on google play store. So open google play store in your device.

Step – 2: Type the name Dream League soccer 17 APK app in the search box.

Step – 3: The game will be displayed in front of you on your mobile screen.

Step – 4: Now tap on the option install present at the right corner in mid of your mobile screen.

Step – 5: After clicking on install google play will ask you to accept or cancel your download. Click on accept to begin your Dream League Soccer download.

Step – 6: Your download will begin.

How to install Dream League Soccer APK 2017 

Step – 1: When your download gets complete google play has the inbuilt feature of automatic installation. But for automatic installation, you need to activate this feature of google play. When the automatic installation begins it will show installing on your mobile screen as shown in the figure.

Step – 2: In case if your automatic installation is not active then go to the download section or touch the download option present on your mobile screen.

Step – 3: When you tap on the download section of your device you will get a screen showing install at the bottom right corner of your device.

Step – 4: Click on install button and wait till the loading begins.

Step – 5: Within 20-25 seconds your installation loading will get complete and you will be able to play Dream league APK soccer game on your device.

Step – 6: After completing the installing procedure you will be able to see the icon of Dream Leagu Soccer game on your mobile desktop.

Now, you are ready to rock with this game. So do not wait for anything just start playing your favorite football game with your fingertips.

How to play Dream League Soccer 2017 Game

You have been successfully installed the app named Dream league game soccer now you wanted to play it but having problems how to play. For solving your this problem we are here for you. Just follow the below steps to play this game :

Step: 1 – Click to open the game by taping on the Dream league 2017 APK icon present at the mobile desktop.

Step – 2: To start the game you need to provide Google an access in your game. Click on allow present at the left side of the screen to provide google access.After clicking allow you will get you will be able to open your game.


Step – 3: It will show a screen like present in the image. Tap on the option written as touch to continue.

Step – 4: It will start loading and your game will be open. Now you have to create your own team named as Dream F C.

Step – 5: Next you have to select captain of your own choice for your football team.

Step – 6: After choosing your captain you need to confirm your choice. You will the option of “yes” on the screen after selecting the captain name. Touch to the yes button to make your selection as your football team captain.

Step – 7: It is the turn of players. Get best players for your team by using bonus coins which are given to you in the starting of the game as a bonus of your installation.

Step – 8: After choosing every player of your team you need to confirm your choice. In respect of confirmation of player click on OK option to include that player in your Dream F C team.

Step – 9: If you wanted to change the skills, roles or achievement of your player then Soccer Dream League allows you to do so. You can change the skills of your chosen player in your own way. Click on Player development section for making any change.

Step – 10: You are free to make changes in your football stadium where your team will be going to play its matches. You can make changes of your choice in the stadium. To make any change click on the Dream F C stadium section.

Step – 11: After making changes to your stadium you will definitely like to see those changes. To look for the changes click on preview button present at left corner of the screen.

Step – 12: Before playing or starting the game you can manage your team on the football ground in your own way. To manage team click on the team management option present at the right side of the screen in top column.

Step – 13: Now to begin the game click on the option “ academy division vs dream F C” to start the game.

Step – 14: After clicking on Academic division vs Dream F C you will be able to get the list of your team players on the left side and the player list of academic division on the right side of the screen.

Step – 15: Now you are ready to play the game. Touch at the option present at right side bottom corner of your screen saying play match.

Step – 16: Now you are ready to play your game with your favorite football team.

Available versions of Dream League Soccer 2017 APK

Kits for Dream League Soccer 2017

Features and specifications of Dream League Soccer APK 2017

  • You got your full right in choosing your team with each and every player of your choice.
  • This game shows you the data of your achievements a leader board and mentioning your progress and scores.
  • Dream League Soccer apps also include a pleasant soundtrack for extending your pleasure.
  • Graphics of dream league soccer game are great.
  • As you get progress in the game you also get more no. of coins by passing each level or division of the game, which you can use for making your purchases within the game.
  • Dream Soccer League APK has three primary controls in the game name as A , B , C used to shoot , pass and long press the ball within the game.
  • You will not be able to use these three buttons to block and make long passes, dribbles, throw etThis buttonton will be enough to your for enjoying a fantastic game control system.
  • You will be going to have dual – stick feature to control the player and D – Pad feature to move the players.
  • As the number of goals you make increases the no. Of coins that you earned per goal also gets increased, you can also use these coins to make your team more strong or you can also purchase players to expand your football team.
  • A one more feature that Dream league soccer 2017 gives you a multiplayer game. You will be able to play your game online with a valid internet connection with other teams who are also playing this game in the realistic world. This multiplayer feature will definitely going to give you a better gaming experience then before.

How to achieve top position ???

  • Give your team a proper name which will indicate your goals , desires with a strong effect over the rival team.
  • Choose the best captain for your team and design a kit according to your choice.
  • By getting more and more coins you should recruit the new members in your team for a good play, Make regular changes in your stadium for making your team convenient at the time of play, train your team with help of these earned coins so that they will perform better in a real match.
  • Next you are able to make your own favorite club and can take field anytime whenever you want to do so.
  • You can play with both bots and real people. If you play with bots it will increase you gaming ability by practice and if you uses to play against real people then this will definitely increase your real gaming power.
  • Now  by this time you need to improve your stadium strategy. Take a skill test online to evaluate your kills against players around all over the world.
  • That last step you need to perform is to achieve victory in most of the matches you play.

Covering features of Dream League Soccer APK 2017

  • This game was developed by first touch games.
  • This game was also published by first touch games.
  • Dream league Soccer is a series of first touch game.
  • Platforms that are given in Dream League Soccer are for both android and apple ios users.
  • Dream league soccer game was first released by first touch games on 26 February 2016.
  • This game include sports genres.
  • Dream league soccer has two modes named as single player mode and multi player mode for the better gaming experience of users.
  • The size of this game is about 365 Mb ( for android users ) on google play store.

So, what are you waiting for go and get this wonderful game in your fingertips. I am sure you will be going to have an exploring pleasure and experience by playing dream league soccer. I thought that you will not be going to face any of the problems related to downloading the app , installing the app or how to use this awesome game after reading this article. I hope that this article will solve all of your queries and problems and if persist then feel free to ask we will be there for you. Please let us know about your fantastic experience with dream league soccer 2017 game.

Frequently asked questions ( FAQ’S )

Ques 1: How will I be able to buy players within the game?

Ans: For purchasing players of your choice follow the below steps.

Step – 1: Open the Dream league soccer gams.
Step – 2: You will see a screen showing for blocks.
Step – 3: Click on the second column present at bottom left side corner with name transfer.
Step – 4: Click on that option you will see a list opening with the name of players and their prize.
Step – 5: Choose the player of your own interest click on the name of your selected player.
Step – 6: A screen will appear stating two options in front of you first one is no thanks and the second one is signed the player.
Step – 7: Click on the sign player option present at the left side of the screen.
Step – 8: Congrats, you have successfully purchased a player of your choice.

Ques 2: How do I get more coins?

Ans: There is an internal option within the game of buying coins by paying money or the second option is to play the game and earn coins with your hard efforts it’s all over up to you which method you will like to choose.

  • To earn money by playing you will need to make as many as goals you can in the game. You will be rewarded with coins for every goal you make.
  • You will also get coins reward when you pass the divisions in the game.
  • The number of coins gets increased with the number of divisions you pass.

Ques 3: Why do I need to manage the stadium?

Ans: It is all up to you whether you wanted to manage your stadium or not if you don’t want to make changes then it is not necessary. But if you feel to make any changes in the stadium you can make changes according to your team for the better play.

Ques 4 : How will I be get connected to other real-world players or play multiplayer level?

Ans: For connecting with multiplayer level or to other players you need to have an active internet connection with you either in a mobile device, modem or PC. You can get connected with the help of wi-fi, Bluetooth tethering etc.

Ques 5: From where do I get this gaming app?

Ans: You can download Dream League Soccer 2017 app from google play store of your device.

  • For download and install you can also follow the steps given above in this article to make your efforts less.
  • If you want to know how to play this game then go to that section in our article for knowing how you will be able to play this game.

Ques 6: I am facing troubleshooting error in download. What should I do?

Ans: Sometimes we face this problem due to some issues like :

  • Your device is not compatible for the installation.
  • Your internet connection is not established properly.
  • This error might be due to the google play problem.

For solving this type of error follow these steps ( only if your device is compatible for download )

Step 1 – Go to the settings of your mobile device make your device to be on airplane mode wait for 20-30 seconds. Now off the airplane mode and try to install your app again.
Step 2 – Another step if the first one doesn’t work, restart or reboot your device and try the installation again.
Step 3 – In case both above steps doesn’t solve your problem then go to the mobile device setting

  • Search for the apps option.
  • Scroll for the google play store app.
  • Now, clear the data of google play store and restart the device.
  • Insert all the details in google play and re-download your task.

Step 4 – If still the problem persists and you didn’t get it solved then you have the last option of resetting your device. This step will definitely solve your troubleshooting error.
Hope, your problem has been solved.

Ques 7: Are there new members added to the team as of 2016?

Ans: Yes dream league soccer 2017 has various new players for your team especially from Portuguese players.

Ques 8: What are the new features in 2017 app?

Ans: Dream League soccer 2017 app has several new features with it. Some of them are –

  • 2017 version has improved and great graphics as compared to 2016 version of descargar dreams league soccer 
  • The team data has been updated with the addition of new players in the game.
  • In 2017 version you have an option of creating your own team logo with your choice.
  • There are several kits for the team in 2017 version which can be edited or removed by your own choice.
  • In Dream league 2017 version approx 200 new animations have been added to the game as compared to 2016 app.
  • You will be going to have a pleasure of listening pleasant new soundtracks that has been added in the new version of dream league soccer 2017.
  • All over you will be going to a have a great experience of gaming in this version.
  • 2017 version of soccer gamwe is totally under your control with your own desires and choices.

Ques 9: How do I check the player’s list of the team?

Ans: To check that how many players are there and who are they in your team follow the below mentioned steps.

  • Open the Dream league soccer APK 2017.
  • You will see a screen appearing with 4 options.
  • Select the first option present at right side top corner saying next fixture ( academic division vs dream F C ).
  • Now a list gets open in front of you with the player’s list of your team and your rival team.
  • Check the name of the team written at the top and you will be able to see the player list of your team.

Ques 10: How can I change the team captain?

Ans: To change the previously selected captain of your team follows the below steps :

Step – 1 Open the dream league soccer app.
Step – 2 You will see 4 options at the screen from these for options select the second option present at bottom right corner named as team management.
Step – 3 After opening team management section you will see at left side corner of your screen the name of the captain and the roles of the captain and at right side there will be team members of your team with their roles in a diagram like structure.
Step – 4 Now, choose your favorite player from team whom you want to make a caption.
Step – 5 Long press on the icon of that team member and drag the icon on the place of the previous caption.
Step – 6 You will see that the name and roles of the previous captain have been changed with the new captain. So, finally, you are successful in changing your team captain.

Ques 11: How much space do I need in my phone to successfully run this game without any problem?

Ans: As this is a soccer video game so you see that this game require large space for its successful running. As an estimation you should have these features on your phone :

  • You must have at least RAM in between 1 GB to 2 GB in your device. Large RAM will reduce the hanging problem of your phone.
  • You should have at least 16 to 32 GB internal or extended space on your device.
  • If your device does not have enough space then you can do one thing. You can increase the secondary space of your device by using the memory card or sd card of around 16 to 32 GB in your phone then move the APK Dream league Soccer to your sd card. This will definitely help you in reducing any storage or hanging problem.

Ques 12: What is the size of Dream league Soccer APK 2017?
Ans: Dream league soccer APK is of around 365 MB of downloading size.

Ques 13: Why am I unable to purchase some of the players?
Ans: Sometimes this happens due to the unavailability of the particular player. It happens due to the increasing demand of that player it becomes unavailable to you for purchase. You can just do only one thing that wait till the player become available for purchase to you. Regularly check the availability of your favorite player.

Ques 14: Can I Change the logo of my team?
Ans: Yes Dream league soccer APK 2017 gives you this feature of changing the logo of your team. You can use your favorite logo or the logo made by you for your team instead of already pla the es logo.

Ques 15: How to change the name of my team?
Ans: For changing name of your team follow the below steps :

Step – 1 Open the Dream league basketball soccer app in your device.
Step – 2 You will see the 4 options at your screen click on the 4th option named as My Club present at the left side bottom corner of your screen. Click on that option to open it.
Step – 3 Now you will again see 4 options present at the bottom side of your screen. Here you will find an option of Customise team at right side bottom corner. Touch that option to open it.
Step – 4 Here you will see some option select the last option named as Edit team name.
Step – 5 Here you will be able to type your favorite name of your team in the provided box.
Step – 6 After typing click on the confirm option to save your changed name for your team.